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Tempered cold-rolled strip for diamond gang saw blades

In addition to the well known standard grades C75S, 75Cr1 and 75Ni8, R + W also offers a carbon-reduced special grade for the application of stone gang saws.

This grade is unsusceptible to overheating when brazing the segments. Excessively high brazing temperatures, which in standard grades lead to undesirable hard spots at the strip edges on the saw blade as well as in premature breakage during the subsequent use of the saw blades, are therefore no longer critical.

Additional features:

  • Saws made of RiWistone material are generally less brittle and unsusceptible to breakage compared with the typical grades C75S/75Cr1, regardless of overheating.
  • Specifically, higher brazing temperatures can be used, thereby achieving better soldering joints.



grade standard thickness


(μm/mm width)

DIN EN 10132-3

Tempering steels

1,00 - 2,50 35 - 500 40 - 44 ≤1,0

Risse + Wilke Gruppe