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Risse + Wilke

RiWi-SSC a new service based on tradition ...

Risse + Wilke as one of the leading suppliers of cold rolled hardened and tempered steel strips we have got many years of experience and high expertise in this sector. Quenched and tempered steel strip from Risse+ Wilke is particularly used when highest demands and requirements on the material quality are made.

Quenched and tempered steel strip offers a considerable cost saving potential compared to case-hardened parts. Benefit from our experience. Our know how can be your advantage. The quenching and tempering is carried out on modern continuos hardening lines designed by Ebner and is state of the art. ln order to adapt optimally to a variety of applications our installations allowfor various types of structures.


Delivery condition QT - quenched + tempered martensite cold rolled strip 

Delivery condition QB - hardened bainite (QB) cold rolled strip

Delivery condition QBe - QB with defined surface decarburisation

Our special Know-How:

  • Quenching and tempering of low carbon strips with very low flatness values, e. g. boron alloyed steels
  • Quenching and tempering of extreme cross sections with large strip thickness and width
  • Risse + Wilke is the sole supplier for certain special grades 
  • Risse + Wilke offers first class service and qualified, product orientated technical consultation 

Surface inspection system

  • Optical defect detection by camera system
  • reduction of defective quantities
  • Continous surface inspection of top and bottom side
  • Sophisticated systematic defect detection
  • Documentation of the exact position

Strip marking - A name guarantees quality

  • Custom-made strip marking
  • Type size 5 to 64 mm
  • 3 printheads
  • DOD-technology on ink base
  • mit Lösungsmitteln entfernbar

Alternative technology

Next to the weil approved 2-step quenching process in a metal bath (lead/bismuth) followed by an air quench, cold rolled steel strip can alternatively be hardened "lead-free".

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